The Making Of T{e}T, no. 2

The Making Of T{e}T, no. 2 – photo sketches & mobile shots

Thanks to all technicians and our friends for helping us during the staging up phase of the exhibition. Respect!

Josipa Štefanec’s Long-sleeved Dress
All photos by body pixel (cc 3.0)

DIY Sewing Dummies

Open field

Technicians in action

Josipa Štefanec setting up Mandala

Setting up – first floor

Vana and Damir preparing the set up for If The Sky Is The Limit

Setting up, phase one
mobile photo by Klaudio Štefančić (cc 2.5)

DIY Arduino from Scratch by Davor Jadrijević Emard made in I’MM_

DIY Sewing Dummies at home lab

 Working processes for the exhibition – The Space slide
photos: Petra Zlonoga / body pixel (cc 3.0) 

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